Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Exhaustion

I hadn't gotten too much sleep over that last week. I had eyed these offdays, Monday and Tuesday, as days to soak up sequences of R.E.M. The only thing is I'm broke, in need of an apartment, and some short-term supplemental income luckily bursted onto the scene. I was left with no choice. Less sleep it was.

Around gametime, my friend and I, who helped get me the gig, wrapped it up. So, from 7:10 on, with a walk through Soho, Noho and up towards Union Sq., onto the Q train to Flatbush Brooklyn, it was around the middle of the game that I laid down on my bed. Clearly, there was the risk of falling asleep with this crucial matchup on, but after a long day into a hard day's night, I just wanted to relax with the game on, and relax with the game on I did.

And longer than I freakin' expected to.

As those innings kept dragging on, I was in that perfect zone of completely awake but sleeping to the rest of the world except for you and your game. The fact it went all the way to the 14th inning wasn't a detriment. It felt like the perfect world.

That seems to be the Mets number lately. 14 runs Saturday, 14 innings Monday. We're lucky the game didn't go into Tuesday.

I can only hope 14 is a good omen, with a certain Gil watching over us more so this year.

Good things happen when luck and preparation meet.

I'm glad I got to sleep before midnight.


Monday, May 18, 2015

Enough With the Thor Puns

The thing is...he really DID bring the hammer down. I unfortunately wasn't able to view how sick he pitched in the moment, letting Howie and Josh wax poetically regarding the filth that Mr. Syndergaard was bringing. According to the video proof that SNY captured and cut down into a fun-filled minute 20, to think that THAT SET UP HARVEY DAY is something that can tickle the Orange and Blue fancy of Metsian folk all over.

Call them the Bounce Back Kids, because that's what they've been, and it takes a day like this and all the interviews after to be reminded that we're not talking about Rod Barajas giving it the ol' college try, or Tim Redding reminding us why you don't inexplicably trot journeyman pitchers out for a photo op. These are mostly very VERY talented young players who are ready and determined to not only make a name for themselves but make a name while lifting the Mets across their chest out of an ugly era where what felt like 100 years of heartbreak was compacted into the matter of 6 years...and go ahead and throw in 15 years considering how Amazin' the letdown was in 2009 after 2002-2004 occurred. You also have some able veterans with a lot left in their career to prove. These aren't your Manny Acosta Metropolitans. This team belongs to this great young pitching, and some amazin' bats that will follow over the coming years...and Juan Lagares.

It was ironic and unsettling that one of those hopeful anchors of our newest era made direct contact with what was considered in the summer of 2007 to be hopeful anchor for the Metsian future, but Carlos Gomez was traded in the Johan Santana trade, inadvertently bringing on the 1st No-Hitter in Mets history. The scary moment between the two young players yesterday also ended up showing off how classy athletes can sometimes be with how they spoke to each other post-game. Thankfully, Carlos is OK.

And now, the Cardinals. We all hate them. We all know how we perform against them, and at home no less, will go a long way to solidifying how good this team could possibly be. Or whether things will continue to trend south.

But this isn't Nick Evans' Mets anymore. 



Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Mets Turn 21

The New York Mets won their 21st game by scoring 14 runs, 10 in 1 inning, with Wilmer Flores's 4 RBI's, Curtis Granderson's 3 hits and 2 RBI, and Jacob Degrom's 3 hits in 6 innings pitched.

The score was 14-1.

As the Mets turn 21.

Those are some of the numbers.

Let's move on an keep winning.


Saturday, May 16, 2015

I've Got the Orange & Blues This Mornin'...

Thursday night, or Friday morning rather, I was wallowing in my Metsian Sadness...well, frustration and anger more so...after having ranted and raved during my break on the Rising Apple Report. I saw that the delayed Nats Padres game was still going on...and the Padres had an 8-1 lead! That quickly turned to 8-2, which prompted this tweet:
Twitter has its pros and cons, but one of the pros, I must say, is the connectability fans can have to the figures they follow, in whatever medium those figures are in. For instance, I was impressed with the Padres announcers, Ted Leitner and Bob Scanlan, and decided to let them know in-game:
The second I pressed the "tweet" button, I saw and responded to the following:
With the score what it was, I turned off the game and put B.B. King on.

I can only attempt to describe what Blues Boy has meant to my life, and it probably didn't hit me until the moment I heard he was dead. What's the most amazing is that, for someone who was known for his blues guitar playing, it's his VOICE and the power of those lungs that really got me. What a musician and artist.

You'll be missed, B.B.

I settled into the B.B. marathon, and got a response from the crew in S.D.

I gave them props once more, though I was honest about my priorities, while also putting in a request:

They did. With a Wil Clark reference included to boot.
I am sad that he is gone, though it is fitting to be listening to the Blues as we all shake our collective heads. I generally have a solid dose of the Blues mixed into my Pandora playlist, but it had been a while since I had the Blues, and listened exclusively to that genre/station/artist. And I've been basically just listening to B.B. for the last 24 hours.

The Mets lost 7-0.

And the Nats won 10-0.

Half a game it is.

I've got the Orange & Bluuuuuuues
Oh, GIRL! You know I do!...


Thursday, May 14, 2015

My First #FireTerry of the Year

This is where I enter those easily flipable, fickle feelings regarding our favorite baseball team. There are probably so many other factors at hand that have led us to 20-14 record after a 13-3 start, but as far as I'm concerned, Terry Collins and his poor in-game managing is magnified even more so in this supposed hopeful new era. I don't care about the injuries, I don't care about any of that. No matter the level of talent, this man has never, in any of his years here, put the Mets in the best position to succeed. And he's only gotten worse, as far as I'm concerned.

I didn't get a chance to watch the whole game, but it did dawn on me by the 4th that the game may be on Wednesday Night Baseball on my ESPN app, and it was. So, "Thankfully" I was able to see everything fall apart at the end while helping customers claim the Two Boots slices they wanted. I immediately turned the app off before the bootleg announcers could tell me what I saw.

I will say this: 15 seconds later, the Rangers won 2-1 in overtime of the 7th game against a team I hate exclusively because they have the word "Washington" somewhere there. The Rangers provided an example of a payoff after having your backs against the wall. Honestly, and this, I guess, is just how I feel about baseball and the Mets, there's always some kind of payoff every year, whether or not you think THE payoff is the only thing that matters.

The Mets backs are not yet against the wall...

But it does feel they're slowly walking backwards towards the Grand Canyon...

Can we have some Major League Wallyball already? And don't give me that "Wally's not Sandy's type of guy," stuff. I don't believe it. And neither do some other people.


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Everybody in the NL East Lost Last Night

The Mets last night had the baseball gods rain them with sunshine. On the night their stud pitcher, Noah Syndergaard, makes an admirable yet unfulfilled and unsupported Major League debut, where the offense sputtered along like an old car that's not really making it anymore, every team in the NL East was handed an L.

The Nationals, still only 2.5 games back, lost to the Diamondbacks 14-6.

The Braves, 5 games back, lost on a walk-off to Cincinnati 4-3.

The Marlins, 5.5 games back, had Giancarlo Stanton launch one literally out of Dodger Stadium...and then the Dodgers won 11-1.

And the Phillies, back 9.5 games, lost to Pitt 7-2.

...And the Yankees lost to Tampa 4-2...

So, even though the offense continues to be attrocious, the problems weren't magnified by everybody else creeping up.

And as I said, a stud pitcher made an admiral debut.

And now it's #HarveyDay.

On the Side of the Street That's Sunny.


Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Chicago Road Trip that Wasn't

My friend, the Big Bad Baseball Voodooman, Tim Bungeroth, recently moved back to his Sweet Home Chicago with his wife after an absence of over 15 years. His entire family, who have been all over the map, including Philadelphia and San Francisco over the years, are now all located in the Windy City, including his brother Billy, who basically never left, and has built up a solid career directing at Second City and, you know, just bein' a rockstar and stuff in his band, J.C. Brooks and the Uptown Sound.

As April got underway, I located these Mets Cubs games on the schedule and thought to myself, "That's a good excuse for a road trip to Chicago." My plan had been to take Sunday, May 10, off from work at Two Boots, rent a car, load it up with the Bungeroth's stuff from the storage unit we rent together, and drive on out there on a solo shot. See my friends, help 'em out, and see some Wrigley baseball with the Metsies in town.

The whole thing, however, was wildly impractical. There are a lot of things I need to get done, catch up on, and what not, here in New York City, and if I were currently in Chicago, or gearing up to come back after watching Thor tonight make his Major League Debut, I would have been throwing money into the wind, as well as caution, and right now, after an "adult" life of throwing caution into the wind, I have to decide differently.

Since the rivalry has suffered after realignment severely depleted the amount of games the Mets and Cubs play each other, I will not have another opportunity to make the road trip to Chicago, something I've never done, while the Mets are in town till 2016. I will have most likely already taken my inaugural drive to the Midwestern Metropolis by then, but no doubt it will be epic on the next go 'round nonetheless.

By the way, if you're into comics, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and/or Nintendo, follow Tim Bungeroth on twitter, and check out his comic book, Minor League Comics.